Let's Talk About Breathing.

Snoring, obstuctive sleep apnea, fatigue, headaches, weight gain - all can have their roots in the airway.

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At REMastered Sleep, we're passionate about airway health.

That's why we invented REMplenish - so you can support you airway healthy whenever you drink water.,

How does a water bottle help you breathe better?

REMplenish is more than a water bottle - it's an exercise device for your airway.

Patent-pending drinking nozzle provides resistance and encourages proper swallowing technique.

Portable and Discrete - exercise anywhere, anytime.

60 day money back guarantee - try it risk free! 

These Professionals Agree, REMplenish is worth a try.

And after two and a half months from starting use, I recorded almost no snoring episodes during a 5 hour period. I’m also experiencing

To say I am surprised about the results from using the water bottle would be an understatement.

-Author, Aaron of the Phoenix Spirit

The results with these clients using the REMplenish bottles have been very encouraging.  I am finding that clients can improve with lip, cheek, jaw, and tongue muscle functioning and maintain both speech and swallowing improvements using the REMplenish bottles.

-M. S./C. C. C.- Speech Language Pathologist

Our patients love that the product, especially the straw and mouthpiece,  isconvenient and portableThis helps to encourage consistent use.
  "This is a great toolfor patients with myofunctional issues and sleep breathing concerns.

Specialist in Orofacial Pain/Owner at Minnesota Craniofacial Center for TMJ & Sleep Treatment

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93% of snorers have reported snoring improvement after one month of device use.

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