Frequently Asked Questions

How is the REMplenish™ different from drinking out of a regular water bottle?

Our innovative therapy nozzle promotes proper swallowing form and exercises the key upper airway muscles responsible for snoring. By applying a light resistance to the natural action of drinking water, these muscles will tone over time and vibrate less during the night.

Does REMplenish™ work for everyone?

Each person’s snoring problem is different so some will see more improvement than others. Over 80% of participants in our usability study reported improvements in snoring and/or daytime tiredness, however some participants did not see improvement. REMplenish focuses on reducing snoring which is caused by the tongue and soft palate and does not address nasal snoring (plugged nostrils results in a high pitched snore).

How long does the therapy take before snoring is reduced?

Typically, users will see results after one month of device use, however some people may improve faster or slower than others. Improvement should level off over time and plateau at around 6 months of use.

How do I keep track of improvement?

It is important to establish a method for tracking progress over time. This will depend on what your personal goals are and how you want to track your progress. We suggest checking in on your metrics each month.

Do I need to keep using REMplenish™ after I achieve the results I want?

If you stop using the device, there will be a gradual loss of improvement you’ve made. To prevent this, make sure to maintain your strength by using the water bottle at least twice a week. Adjust this based on your individual needs.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

At this time, we are unable to ship outside of the US. We are actively working to expand our sales internationally in 2022 – please subscribe to our website for updates as to when REMplenish will be available in your area.

When will you have other colors for the plastic REMplenish™ bottle back in stock?

We are currently having difficulties with our supplier, so it’s uncertain when exactly other colors will be back in stock, but we do plan on having them at some point.

It looks like the opening to my REMplenish™ nozzle is torn, is that normal?

There is a slit connecting the two small holes – this is completely normal. If you see this extending outside of those two holes, then it may be defective. We offer a 3-month nozzle warranty where we’ll replace it for any reason. Just fill out the contact form, and we’ll contact you for a photo of the nozzle so we can examine it.

How many ounces of water do the REMplenish™ bottles hold?

The REMplenish Steel kit holds 25oz of liquid, and the REMplenish Bottle kit holds 32oz.