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I am ASTONISHED at the results
I purchased this myofunctional water bottle with hopes, but not expecting much in the way of results. I have to say, after using it for about a month, just a couple of times a week, I am ASTONISHED at the results. Using my MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) at night was getting me sleep, but it was broken as I would still awaken right out of REM sleep every night, all night, when it is suspected I would have tongue collapse. This water bottle has strengthened my tongue and when I awaken, now only 1-2 times a night, my tongue is in place on the roof of my mouth where it is supposed to be. I am getting the best sleep I have gotten in 10 or so years! So, for those of you who are lazy like me and don't want to seek a myofunctional therapist, I highly recommend this water bottle. Just be prepared to have some soreness if you overdo it.


I was a total skeptic I got it mostly to appease my Girl Friend showing I was taking steps to address a problem I thought would never be fixed. Wow was I wrong. The remastered sleep straw worked after about 7 days and it’s been a few months of far less snoring and when I do snore it’s far less loud.


Snore no more….My husband and I each have one of these water bottles. After using them daily for a while I have noticed a substantial reduction in his snoring, as it no longer wakes me up in the night or keeps me from falling asleep. I do not snore, but I am a mouth breather and I have found that it is helping me be able to breathe through my nose more too. I also love that it is dishwasher safe!  

‍-REMplenish User

Helped my Weak Tongue Posture I absolutely love the REMplenish metal straw kit. I have been using it for a few days and already notice a tendency for my tongue to rest in the correct position. This is huge for me because my tongue normally is weak and sitting on the bottom of my mouth. The product is wonderful and seems very durable, and I especially love that the straw is metal, and it came packaged so perfectly in recyclable materials. They also have amazing customer service! I would rate both the product and my experience with this company a 10/10!  


Feeling more rested and drinking more water I initially was skeptical but thought it was worth a try (anything to help my apnea) I'm glad I did! I haven't been back to my doc yet, but I feel more well rested with my CPAP and I'm drinking more water on a daily basis, which also helps me feel better, I'm sure. I can't put a value on the better rest, more energy etc. I've had it for a month or two and I am still using it daily. From a practical side, I have this as my main water bottle and there are times when I just unscrew the lid to chug water if necessary but having the straw there and the bottle always present helps remind me to drink more and I'm doing more than just sipping water.


I have had unbearable, horrible jaw pain … for the past few years which led me to thinking I had some TMJ problems. I learned the REMplenish water bottle to strengthen muscles in the mouth to help reduce snoring and thought it may help with my jaw pain. I was so intrigued and desperate to try anything! I now understand where the correct placement for my tongue is on the roof of my mouth as before it naturally rested by my bottom teeth. After a few days of using the water bottle and working on the placement of my tongue, with myofunctional exercises… I am currently going on 3 weeks of ZERO jaw pain and can’t rave about this water bottle enough!!! I can finally live life comfortably, and not constantly living in pain. I highly HIGHLY recommend getting this water bottle! It has changed my life for the better and could change yours too!!!


Fine-tuned by Myofunctional Therapy… it's been transformative
I am an adult who completed a year of myofunctional therapy to correct lifelong issues including a tongue thrust. I struggled with my swallowing exercises initially, and although I resolved the tongue thrust, my new swallowing pattern never felt 100% natural. I’m thrilled to say that after just two weeks of drinking one 25oz bottle of water each workday using the REMplenish straw, I stopped having to think about my swallow. My tongue instinctively knows where to go and what to do! The straw reinforces proper tongue position and the exercises I did in therapy. As I write this review, I've been using the straw for 2 months—it's been transformative. This product should be required for everyone pursuing myofunctional therapy and has made me feel more confident that I am maintaining my results. Thank you REMastered Sleep, for making such a fantastic product!”

- REMplenish User Google 5-star Review

Thanks for such an important and possibly life-saving technique to both keep my patients hydrated and help to develop better swallowing and breathing. ALL patients using them have better 'Snore Scores' and happier spouses! They are a fantastic addition to my practice strategies for changing muscle function for snoring and sleep apnea, and they work well for children who have been primarily mouth breathers.

– Sandra Coulson

I am a practicing oral myofunctional therapist. After testing this product out myself and with my family members, I have begun to incorporate the technology into my oral myofunctional therapy practice.  Having a tool to specifically improve muscle tone of the middle and posterior tongue is an ingenious idea and has positively contributed to therapy for several of my patients. I appreciated the immediate customer service responsiveness with questions and incredibly fast turn around on a larger order. Thank you for developing and bringing to market this incredible product.


I am a orofacial myofunctional therapist business owner and just learned about this. I think its great. You can really feel it help strengthen the airway muscles.
We had a booth at the Under One Roof #uor in Indianapolis and talked about it and had lines of people wanting to buy them.
Great product, and happy to let more people know about it.

-Phillip Gutkowski

Our patients love that the product, especially the straw and mouthpiece, is convenient and portable. This helps to encourage consistent use... ...this is a great tool for patients with myofunctional issues and sleep breathing concerns.

- Dr. Kim Ledermann / Owner at Minnesota Craniofacial Center for TMJ & Sleep Treatment