REMplenish Kit

REMplenish Kit


*Due to high demand, expect delays of around 3 weeks before shipment*



-Myofunctional Therapy Nozzle (Food Grade Silicone)
-Tritan Plastic Water Bottle: BPA-Free, Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
-Instructions for Use
-Myofunctional Therapy Information
-Bed Partner Snoring Survey
-Straw Brush for Cleaning
-1 Free Replacement Nozzle if nozzle breaks within three months of purchase (with picture and description of how it broke)



If you are unsatisfied with this product, contact us to process a return and full refund within sixty (60) days of your purchase.


1.Place nozzle completely in mouth with lips touching base of nozzle. Draw in water by creating a negative pressure with your tongue. Note: Make sure you are using your tongue and not your cheeks.

2.Compress the nozzle against the roof of your mouth so the nozzle is fully compressed. Make sure the tip of your tongue is behind your front teeth (see Proper Swallow). Swallow.

For detailed photos and to see how it works, head to our "How It Works" page!