The REMplenish.
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So far, so good. After nearly 6 months of myofacial therapy and the Vivos dental device,  my practitioner told me to start on this water bottle. I know it's a workout, and it is meant to be to strengthen the tongue and find correct mouth placement when resting. I will be using it a lot going forward to support my other treatment protocol and get off my CPAP machine for good! I appreciate the video info; it cleared up some questions about proper usage and tongue alignment. Thanks!

-Remplenish User

Was skeptical at first but it definitely has made things better with sleep and my “natural healthy tongue position”

Hi! I've had my bottle about a month and somehow I lost the straw top! No idea how I managed that. Can I buy a replacement?

The best customer service you'll ever get .Also this product is amazing they do what they say.they even make sure you don't depend on it for myofunctional therapy as some do.I just saw a comment where someone said it didn't work .if you feel like it doesn't work you might have a tongue tie like I did when I release mine the bottle worked way more and it aided in my recovery after surgery.

I was a total skeptic. Got it mostly to appease my GF showing I was taking steps to addesss a problem I thought would never be fixed. Wow was I wrong. The remastered sleep straw worked after 7 ish days and it’s been a few months of far less snoring and when I do snore it’s far less loud. Idk my two cents.

I am a practicing oral myofunctional therapist. After testing this product out myself and with my family members, I have begun to incorporate the technology into my oral myofunctional therapy practice.  Having a tool to specifically improve muscle tone of the middle and posterior tongue is an ingenious idea and has positively contributed to therapy for several of my patients. I appreciated the immediate customer service responsiveness with questions and incredibly fast turn around on a larger order. Thank you for developing and bringing to market this incredible product.

Straw Kit

REMplenish Straw Kit

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Black Steel REMplenish Kit

REMplenish Steel Kit

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REMplenish Bottle Kit

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Our patients love that the product, especially the straw and mouthpiece,  is convenient and portable.  This helps to encourage consistent use."

  "This is a great tool for patients with myofunctional issues and sleep breathing concerns.

-Dr. Kim Lederman
Specialist in Orofacial Pain/Owner at Minnesota Craniofacial Center for TMJ & Sleep Treatment

And after two and a half months from starting use, I recorded almost no snoring episodes during a 5 hour period. I’m also experiencing less tiredness during the day.

To say I am surprised about the results from using the water bottle would be an understatement.

-the Phoenix Spirit

The results with these clients using the REMplenish bottles have been very encouraging.  I am finding that clients can improve with lip, cheek, jaw, and tongue muscle functioning and maintain both speech and swallowing improvements using the REMplenish bottles.

-Robert Grider
M. S./C. C. C.- Speech Language Pathologist